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The Essence of Countryside Montessori

Countryside Montessori Preschool is a non-sectarian, educational preschool, serving families with children two and a half to six years old. A multi-cultural, city-, state-, and nationally-accredited school with a teaching faculty abundant in training, experience and education, CMP is dedicated to meeting the growing needs of today’s children. Every child is a born explorer. Dr. Maria Montessori discovered that children possess an innate love of learning and discovery. She believed that exposure to life experiences was the best method of instruction for children. Touching, opening, using and questioning are all critical components of a child’s academic journey.

Kid Painting

Everything in the Montessori classrooms is easily accessible to the children. The materials and child-size furniture are arranged so that children are led naturally from place to place in a logical order. The room is filled with activities and tasks that are organized to promote purposeful workings for each child’s individual readiness. This adaptable environment gives children the freedom of choice and enriches the learning qualities each child already possesses.


In Montessori classrooms the adult is called a directress/director, and their role is to support and assist the child in working towards his or her fullest abilities. Through daily observations and documentation of the children, the directress/director can help plan and guide lessons according to each child’s readiness.


Children are individuals, each with their own likes, dislikes and possibilities. It is our responsibility to educate each child accordingly; to maximize their independence and growth. Every area in the classroom opens a door to lure the child in, inviting them to explore. Once the child is inside, they may be as creative and spontaneous as they like.


We teach peace.

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