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Work Spaces

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Peace Education

When following the Montessori approach, there is a hands on peace area in each classroom. We celebrate peace week annually, but most importantly respect, tolerance, and conflict resolution are role modeled and discussed on an ongoing daily basis.

Practical Life

Practical lif activities consist of cooking food, clearing dishes and learning to button, lace and zip clothing. Lessons include Care of Person, Care of Environment, Care of Living Animals, Opening and Closing, Grace and Courtesy, and Control of Movement.


The Montessori Method divides the human senses into nine categories which become the lessons for this work area: Visual (dimension & color), Tactile, Auditory, Olfactory, Gustatory, Baric, Thermic, Equilibial, and Sterognostic.

Assortment of Books
Educational Toys


The materials designed for this area involve hands-on work with writing, letter identification, and eventually reading (with a modified phonics approach). Lessons are based on picture or shape matching, the movable alphabet, and vocabulary/word cards.


Preschool children are beginning to realize that they are part of the big picture, Earth. Our world is home to many people, places, and things. Lessons in the geography area provide enrichment through cultural experiences, people, pictures, sensorial objects, wooden maps, and celebrations.


This work area enables children to learn the names of numbers (symbols) and number quantity. They also have the opportunity to move on to more abstract math when ready. Materials include sandpaper numbers, spindle boxes, and beads.

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